Colombian Breakfast (8.25)
Two organic eggs over an arepa with cheese and Murray’s chicken sausage or bacon

Huevos Rancheros (9.75)
Two organic eggs, sunny side up, simmered with black beans, salsa, greens and cheese, served on a crispy flour tortilla (substitute an arepa 1)

Omelet (7.75)
Organic eggs with cheese and/or seasonal vegetables (additional fillings 1.50 each, egg white omelette add 2)

Tofu Scramble (8.50)
Tofu sautéed with onions, greens, mushrooms and tomato, served with our housemade multigrain bread

Eggs & Toast (5.50)
Two organic eggs, any style, with our housemade multigrain toast

Egg Sandwich (5.75)
Scrambled eggs, onions and cheese on housemade multigrain bread or handmade croissant

French Toast (10.50)
Our housemade multigrain toast with dulce de leche or maple syrup with seasonal fruit and housemade whipped cream


Venezuelan Pepito Sandwich (9.50)
Sliced grassfed pot roast topped with shredded vegetables and smothered in our house sauce, served on our housemade multigrain bread

Salsa Criolla Sandwich (8.75)
Peruvian onion, pepper and lime salsa with tempeh or tofu, served on our housemade multigrain bread

Chicken Sandwich (9)
Free-range grilled chicken breast on our housemade multigrain bread with grilled onions, mayonnaise, pesto, tomatoes and our house sauce

Pulled Pork Sandwich (9.50)
Pastured pulled pork covered in our house sauce and served with coleslaw on our housemade multigrain bread

Salmon Sandwich (12.50)
A salmon filet topped with mayonnaise, capers, green sauce and orange slices served on our housemade multigrain bread

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (7.50)
Grilled onions with melted cheese on our housemade multigrain bread

Small Plates

Arepa (6)
Colombian ground maize flatbread with your choice of one topping: hogao salsa, salsa criolla, pastured pulled pork, grassfed carne mechada, beans or eggs (cheese optional, each additional topping 2)

Empanada (3.75)
Choice of grassfed beef, free-range chicken, guava and cheese, or vegetable when available

House Salad (5.25)
Mesclun greens, our house dressing and cole slaw

Portuguese Salad (8.50)
Mixed greens with baby spinach, hearts of palm and oranges

Acarajé (6.75)
Brazilian black-eyed pea fritters on a bed of greens with house sauce (or as a wrap 8.75)

Soup of the Day Cup (3.25) / Bowl (4.50)

Large Plates

Cuzco Stew (9.75)
A hearty mix of brown rice, quinoa, onions, crumbled tempeh and seasonal vegetables, served with our house salad

Vegetable Feijoada (10.50)
Classic black bean dish with seasonal vegetables and greens, served over rice and quinoa

Moqueca de Peixe (15.50)
Brazilian seafood stew with a savory coconut milk, onion, pepper and lime sauce, served over brown rice and quinoa with a side of sautéed seasonal greens

Carne Mechada Chilena (14.50)
Chilean-style grassfed pot roast simmered with red wine, onions and garlic, served with cuzco stew and sweet plantains

Colombian Platter (14.50)
Brown rice, black beans, grassfed pot roast, chicharrones and sweet plantains, topped with a fried egg

South American Roasted Chicken (14.50)
Free-range chicken breast marinated in a creamy sauce with cilantro and our hogao salsa

Colombian-Style Pork (15.50)
Pastured pork braised for hours with orange juice, cumin, allspice, garlic, oregano and onions, served with rice, beans and sweet plantains


Greens (6.50)
Rice & Beans (6.50)
Arepa with Butter (4.00)
Café Potatoes (6.50)
Sweet Plantains (6.50)


Coffee / Tea (1.75)
Espresso / Americano (2)
Cappuccino (3.25)
Latte (3.25)
Natural Sodas (2)